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Content Marketing Trends That You Need To Know For 2019

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You already know that content marketing is important, heck, its pretty much the only marketing that people pay attention to in this digital age.

As we head into 2019, it’s been a busy year in marketing. And if anything has become evident to us here at Sentient Creative, it’s that people want more content. But one thing we have noticed is that people are still operating on a content model from about two years ago.

In 2019 you’ll see content marketing develop once more, but if you want to stay ahead of the curve, these are the areas you’ll need to focus on.


You’ll have noticed much more in the way of bots or feedback engines asking you what you thought of a service, or sending an email tailored to something you did. That’s because its been proven that personalisation in marketing is much more effective.

We’re almost five times more likely to part with our money if we feel that content is directly addressing our needs. And if we don’t feel that engagement clicks with us, then we’re around three times less likely to pay any attention.

So what does this mean?

If you’ve not looked at creating personalised and targeted marketing, 2019 is the year to get down to business. So to speak.

Beyond Branding

Brand is important of course. But content experts have noticed that branding has gone beyond the traditional realms and you’re just as likely to see a recruitment agency running a pop up cocktail bar, or a shoe company hosting a skateboarding expo.

You don’t have to go top end budget, but by boosting the appeal of your brand and ‘giving something back’, your brand reaches out from the digital domain. Of course, you’ll need to make sure there are photographers, that your Instagram and Facebook stories are updated and broadcast live and that your brand is displayed prominently.

Some suggestions for affordable branding exercises include hosting a tent at a local music festival or event or partnering with another brand to cross promote.

Telling Stories

This might not be news to you, but no-one cares about your sponsored post on a non-descript magazine site. What they want is a story, information and inspiration.

If you’re working on your backlinks and SEO, give people something that will make them feel inspired and want to share. There’s a million listicles out there, but by engaging your audience with killer video or text you’ll be going ahead of the curve.

Those shoes sure have a story to tell! Pic: Majatravels via Pixabay

Content marketing isn’t just about giving people a reason to use your service. It’s showing them how that service has changed lives (yours, or somebody’s) and inspiring them to use it themselves.

An example of this would be, if you’re selling shoes, don’t tell people how great your shoes are. Tell them about the incredible hike, the walk through the forests, or how you carried orphans 100 miles through the desert. But at the end of the day, your feet didn’t even hurt because, well… Yeah you know.

Written content is good. Video is better.

The Rise of the Infuencer

Harnessing the influencer is becoming more and more important in content marketing, and its one that will continue to grow in 2019. There are influencers in sectors from health and fitness to finance and you’ve no doubt seen them cluttering up your Insta feed looking all sexy and well edited.

If you’ve glanced at how many followers they’ve got and wondered how the f???? they got there, well, don’t even worry about it. Just know that you can use those Insta-influencers to push your brand, no matter what you’re selling.

You could be selling the driest product in the world. It doesn’t matter. There is a way to get them on board.

Influencer marketing isn’t cheap but it can be very effective in boosting your own following.


Video and audio podcasts are becoming more and more essential to content marketing strategy and 2019 will see this sector grow even more.

Whatever your brand or product, well polished video is now more than ever an essential feature. Being able to create video for your website, social media channels or to tie in to your brand on other sites is becoming par for the course.

So far, AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) haven’t broken into the mainstream quite like was predicted in the last few years. But this is also a trend that needs to be monitored closely. If you can use these technologies for your own content marketing then break the mould…

Whatever you have planned for your content marketing strategy in 2019, we here at Sentient Creative wish you success in your ventures.

If you’re looking for a reliable content marketing service to make sure you reach those goals, get in touch.


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