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Explained: Content Strategy in 5 Minutes

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Do you need to create a content strategy? The short answer to this is, yes. OK, I am going to explain further, so here is my guide to content strategy in 5 minutes…

Content is important. It is how your clients and potential customers find you. And, if you’ve done your research, you probably already know what your customers are looking for. That means you’ll need to create an effective content strategy.

Paying for Google results is one way of getting your brand out there, and in fact PPC is a useful tactic. But, it’s important to build your visibility in an organic way too. Main reason, it’s a lot cheaper in the long run…

OK, so how do you build an effective content strategy?


Sit down with a big piece of paper, and talk to your team about what content you’re going to create. It needs to appeal to your target demographic of course, so think about how they will consume that content.

Do they watch YouTube videos? Are they Instagram addicts? Will they be downloading white papers or ebooks?

Make your content fit your target clientele. Have lots of ideas. Make it super appealing. Risqué even. What would you be looking for and what info would you consume if you were your clients?

If in doubt, go ask some clients!


Next… Open a spreadsheet or a Trello board and map out what needs doing. Add dates. Assign tasks. Make people aware that shit is about to happen and what they need to do to keep up.

This is actually pretty critical in the whole content strategy thing. If you’re doing all your content creation yourself, no biggy, crack on. But if you’re using a team, share that information and make sure that people know deadlines, keywords to use, images that need sourcing and the rest of it.

OK. So you know you have to write 4 ebooks in a month, 3 social media posts per day, 5 press releases in a week and start planning a video too. Content marketing is crazy huh! I mean, if you’re a CMO or any type of marketing officer, you know that your job is never done. Like, NEVER.

It’s a genuine Herculean task…

You know that already though, eh. Ready to get stuck in?


One thing about content is, it has to be pretty damn good from the get go. It takes time, money and effort to put your content out there, so if you make something and nobody cares, whats the point?

Your words need to be well researched and written in a language your target demographic will understand.

Video and images needs to speak volumes in the minimum amount of time. There is a lot of competition for attention out there.

If you’re working with outreach or PR, you need to make your story newsworthy, shareable and engaging. What’s a news story if it isn’t interesting?

So this, very very simply, is how you do an effective content strategy.

advertising hoardings are a popular form of content strategy

Need help with your content strategy?

It’s hard work this content marketing, but done right, it’s absolutely priceless. It helps to have a team onside who can create top quality content consistently and who understand the needs of the modern business owner.

Well… Seeing as you’re here!

Content strategy is a long game, but one that is usually very cost effective. For the price of one months PPC campaigns on Google, you can build organic results that will keep working long after you’ve published.

If you need expert content strategy and marketing help, get in touch… We’re a team of expert copywriters, videographers and social media strategists. Email, or fill out the form below.

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