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Our Pitch: Looking For A Good Content Writer?

We make awesome content

This is a pitch which was designed for posting or emailing to prospects. Yes, its a bit risqué (with swearwords and everything), but our aim with it was to find people who were looking for a solution right now. No messing about…

Are you looking for the right writer?

Have you been hiring guys who promise the world and then deliver… Well, for want of a better word. Shit?

Had enough of cheap writers who deliver cheap content in a language that is barely English?

We’re your guys.

Sentient Creative Content

What do we do?

Anything that involves written content (video too but we’ll come back to that another time). Marketing emails? Blog posts? Social media management? Website copy? We got it in the bag.

We write ace copy that is:

🙂 Written by native English speakers…
😛 SEO optimised (or ‘optimized’ for you Americans) AS STANDARD…
? Actually readable…
? Isn’t full of fluff…

OK look, I’m not going to labour the point. You get it. We write great copy. Browse our site right here for more details about how we’re the best freelance copywriters and look at our previous clients etc. But you know what they say, the proof of the eating is in the dessert – or something.

So stop searching for a good content writer cos you’ve found one (actually 3).

Drop us a line right now for a no obligation quote for your job.

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