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What Does A Content Writer Do?

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A content writer or copywriter is an invaluable asset to any modern business. But what does the work of a content writer actually involve?

If you own a business of any type, you probably need to put words down on either a digital platform or paper. These words are referred to as content, and a professional content writer will know how to craft these words for maximum impact.

But surely anyone can write? Well, yes sure they can. But there is definitely an art when it comes to writing marketing focused copy.

A Content Writer Sells Your Business

A good content writer will be able to take the information about your business and make it not just readable, but engaging.

Many business subjects are pretty tedious to the lay person (sorry but they are). So it is the job of the content writer to make your information effective, not just at getting information across, but entertaining the reader.

But do readers always need entertaining?

Well kinda yes. But by entertaining I mean the whole gamut from ‘amusing’ through to ‘informative’ and just plain readable. Honestly some content, especially on technical sites, is very effective at inducing states of paralysis.

Even in relatively dry industries such as technology and finance, people need to understand what is being said. Often those who work in these industries write copy that is jargon heavy and almost impenetrable to the lay person.

Entertaining the reader while informing them is only one way to keep them focused and engaged with the content.

When we’re entertained we’re more likely use the content as a point of reference. And therefore a writer builds a rapport, builds trust and ultimately makes a connection that will sell your business!

A Content Writer Gets Your Found

Do you know what SEO is? Of course you do. Search engine optimisation is one of the most important factors in getting your website (and therefore your business) found.

Many business managers will have read up on SEO and had a chat with a few web developers. Sure, they have a decent grasp of SEO and the best practices. But can they make it work naturally?

Well written content shouldn’t read like an exercise in cramming ten search terms into a 300 word paragraph. It should read like an entertaining and informative article, or a web page, but oh hey… There’s some search terms in there!

A good content writer will understand how to word phrases and use terms in a natural way so that the reader doesn’t even notice that there are search terms in there.

In fact, a good content writer stays abreast of SEO trends (because they are always changing) and is as effective at business marketing as the biggest business guru.

A Content Writer Makes Your Website Professional

How many times have you visited a website and thought, what the hell is this??

Web pages that are poorly written, spelling mistakes, strange turns of phrase. Chances are you left that site and probably never went back right?

Web page content is one of the most important factors in portraying a professional image. You want your website to be clear, articulate and punchy. You need content that says in one word what many say in three.

A good content writer will work with you (or your web developers) to ensure that your message is conveyed clearly. And professionally!

A Content Writer Will Understand Marketing

Marketing is always changing and there are trends that even experienced marketers have never heard of. Lead magnets? Content upgrades? Webinars? Email course campaigns?

Any experienced content writer will understand which elements of modern marketing will apply to your business. Sure, we probably all need to build our email lists and develop that connection with our potential customers. Your content writer will be able to advise you and help you build an effective marketing campaign.

What Does A Content Writer Write?

Basically, anything that needs writing for business purposes, from creative written content to marketing content.

  • Blogs and articles,
  • Landing Pages,
  • Ebooks and white papers,
  • Social Media posts,
  • Social Media profiles (Linkedin etc),
  • Email communications,
  • Web site content,
  • Chatbot content,
  • Video scripts,
  • Pamphlets and newsletters,
  • News articles,
  • Press releases,
  • Shopping lists (OK that’s a stray one sorry),
  • …and pretty much anything else that can be written

So now you know what a content writer does, do you need to hire one? Feel free to get in touch and discuss your written content needs and we will listen, advise and even offer you a competitive quote.

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